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Our Yorkshire cheeseboard boxes are perfect gifts or something that little bit extra special to share with family and friends. Bringing you some of the best, award-winning Yorkshire cheeses, cheese biscuits and chutneys, all washed down with Sloemotion's smooth and rich Sloe Ruby. Delivered to anywhere in the UK. Please choose your cheeseboard box from the options below.


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Our Yorkshire Cheeseboard Selection

We’ve selected two of the finest handmade artisan Yorkshire Cheeses that are firm favourites. Yorkshire Blue from Shepherds Purse and Laceys Traditional 2Dales, a Wensleydale style cheese. Classic cheese biscuits from Cartwright & Butler, Pear & Apricot Chutney from Puckett’s Pickles and luxurious Sloe Ruby (35 cl) from Sloemotion makes our Yorkshire Cheeseboard Selection a proper treat.


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Our Yorkshire Cheeseboard Platter

Our coveted collection of four fantastic Yorkshire cheeses brought together from across God’s Own County for you to savour and enjoy. Yorkshire Blue from Shepherds Purse; Laceys Traditional 2Dales, a Wensleydale style cheese; Barncliffe Brie from Yorkshire Fine Cheese; and Richmond Smoked Cheese. A winning combination. A choice of Yorkshire cheese biscuits, chutneys and luxurious Sloe Ruby (75 cl) from Sloemotion means you can enjoy in style with our Yorkshire Cheeseboard Platter.


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Our Yorkshire Cheeseboard Platter


Yorkshire Blue

Mild, soft, creamy and blue veined, this wonderful cheese from Shepherds Purse is sweet and buttery with no sharp bite. A gold winner at the World Cheese Awards and awarded two gold stars at The Great Taste Awards.

Laceys Traditional 2Dales

A traditional, Wensleydale style cheese, Laceys 2Dales Cheese is made in the heart of Swaledale in The Yorkshire Dales with rich, local milk from Bedale. That's why it's called 2Dales and it’s damn tasty stuff!

Barncliffe Brie

A soft mould-ripened cheese handcrafted at the foot of the Pennines on the fringes of Huddersfield using wonderfully rich milk from local herds. It has a smooth texture with a rich golden centre and a truly unique flavour.

Richmond Smoked Cheese

A hard-pressed yet very moist cows’ milk cheese, Richmond Smoked is a handmade, farmhouse style cheese made by Swaledale Cheese. Made using locally sourced milk and vegetarian rennet, it has a creamy yellow colour with a close but moist texture. The gentle nature of this particular smoking technique creates a deliciously mild, nutty smoked flavour.

Our Yorkshire Cheese Platter arrives with a choice of Cartwright & Butler’s mouth-watering biscuits. Their classic cheese biscuits with a delicious crunchy texture, made with premium butter and Gouda cheese and Sweet Chilli Thins, the perfect accompaniment to quality cheese and chutneys.

Handmade in York by Puckett’s Pickles, the Pear & Apricot Chutney has a gentle, fruity sweetness under a ginger kick, an excellent complement to the Yorkshire Blue and Barncliffe Brie. The Ampleforth Beer Chutney from Rosebud Preserves of Masham is deep, dark and thick with plump dried fruits, allspice and has the unique addition of Ampleforth Abbey Beer. An accomplished pairing for Laceys Traditional 2Dales and Richmond Smoked Cheese.

Kick back and enjoy ‘life on the hedge’ with Sloe Ruby (75cl) from Sloemotion, an unusual and luxurious blend of sloes, gin and port that really stands apart.

A seriously tasty Middle Eastern mixture of tomatoes, spinach and spices with eggs poached in the pan from free-range Wensleydale chickens served with toasted pittas sprinkled with fresh coriander.


Time : 30 mins

Skill level : 2 out of 5

Spice advice : The mix basaar hand-blended in Skipton has a kick so if you prefer mild spice add less mix basaar.

Nutrition per serving

Calories : 538 kcal

Protein : 36g

Carbs : 39g of which sugar 10g

Fat : 27g of which saturates 9.4g

Salt : 2.4g

Fibre : 6.8g

Super premium Yorkshire Wagyu beef from Wagyu beef cattle bred and reared on the Yorkshire Wolds cooked Japanese hot pot style with seasonal veg, rice noodles and sweet & salty sukiyaki sauce. (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)


Time : 20 mins

Skill level : 1 out of 5

Nutrition per serving

Calories : 424 kcal

Protein : 27g

Carbs : 52g of which sugar 16g

Fat : 8.7g of which saturates 4g

Salt : 4.6g

Fibre : 4.2g

Prime Yorkshire reared turkey cooked in one pot full of flavour with garlic, thyme, bay, olives and chickpeas served with nutty roasted Jerusalem artichokes. (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)


Time : 30 mins

Skill level : 2 out of 5

Nutrition per serving

Calories : 516 kcal

Protein : 58g

Carbs : 40g of which sugar 7.2g

Fat : 16g of which saturates 3.5g

Salt : 1.4g

Fibre : 11g

If it can be grown, reared, caught or made in Yorkshire ...it's in our Yorkshire boxes

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